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All Music Guide    A comprehensive site including music overviews by type and music information searchable by artist, album, song or style.
The Big Bands Database Plus    A searchable database of big band information.
Classical Net    Covering information on composers, reviews, and articles. Also classical music links.
Folk Music Homepage    Covers many categories of folk music by artist, instrument, location and more.    Downloadable music (both free and fee) available on the Internet.    A music only search site.
Operabase    Allows searching the details of over 29,000 opera performances since 1999 as well as listing forthcoming festivals and premiers.
Public Domain Music    A reference site to identify public domain songs and music.
SongFile    A comprehensive guide to sheet music, a complete CD and tape search, and a guide to top music links.
Ultimate Band List    A massive music site, searchable by artist, with links to sites searchable by genre.